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Live Web

Whether its a your favorite weather web site or a URL referencing an image on a server, Live Web gives you the ability to view web content refreshed at the interval you desire. It's essentially a web browser in a window that can be resized and moved.

Launching a New Window

To start using Live Web, select the View > Live Web menu. When you do this, a new window appears:

The Live Web window's content defaults to KATC TV-3's 8 day forecast. You will want to specify a new URL at the bottom of the window and select the refresh rate period. Your local television station's weather department probably has static images that update periodically with everything from forecasts to radars to current conditions. You can find these URLs by navigating via Safari, then right clicking on the image and selecting “Copy Image Address” and pasting that URL into the URL text field.

Also, there is no limit to how many Live Web windows you can have open. Feel free to create as many Live Web windows as you need to monitor the information you want.

Next Steps

We'll look next at WeatherSnoop's radar feature.

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