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Introducing WeatherSnoop 3

Weather is an important factor in everyday life. It can make or break our plans, affect our mood, cause us to dress differently, and even alter our lives in dramatic and profound ways. The weather is one of the first things we want to know about when we get up in the morning, and it's a common topic of conversation.

Modern technology has made the world of personal and professional weather stations affordable and accessible. Many of these stations connect directly to personal computers for analysis and data sharing. Now, with WeatherSnoop 3, you can bring your weather directly to your Mac!

WeatherSnoop 3 is the premiere weather station data management software for Apple's Macintosh family of computers. It adheres to the Mac’s core philosophy of providing a rich, elegant, and easy-to-navigate user interface; at the same time, WeatherSnoop 3 contains an abundant and robust set of features to help you get the most out of your weather data.

WeatherSnoop 3 has two main roles: a data consumer and a data provider. As a data consumer, WeatherSnoop 3 collects data from a weather source. A weather source can be a weather station connected to your Mac via a USB or RS-232 cable, or even another weather station accessible on your local area network or over the Internet.

As a data provider, WeatherSnoop 3 also shares your weather data, relaying it to popular online data services such as Weather Underground, WeatherBug, Weathercloud, Met Office WOW, PWS Weather and the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). It can also serve data to other interested applications via HTTP or FTP, or communicate via AppleScript.

These capabilities make WeatherSnoop 3 a powerful, centralized data management system for your weather information.

At the heart of WeatherSnoop 3 is the agent, an intelligent piece of software which understands how to connect and communicate to your selected weather source to obtain weather data.WeatherSnoop 3 has support for a number of popular weather stations and weather information services, so there are many avenues to obtain weather data.

WeatherSnoop 3 System Requirements

WeatherSnoop 3 was designed from the ground up for the Mac. Although the latest hardware is not needed to run WeatherSnoop, there are some minimum requirements:

  • PowerPC or Intel-based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) or higher.

WeatherSnoop 3 has support for the following weather stations:

In addition to weather station hardware, WeatherSnoop 3 also supports obtaining data from Weather Underground as a weather source.

Download and Installation

WeatherSnoop 3 is distributed on a disk image. A disk image is a file which, when mounted appears as another storage device in Finder.

Click here to download the WeatherSnoop 3 disk image.

Once downloaded, the disk image will be mounted. Once you accept the terms of the license, a Finder window will the contents of the disk image will appear. Simply drag the WeatherSnoop 3 icon to the Applications folder icon to copy it to your Mac.

The disk image contains an Extras folder with additional scripts and other content. Also, you can access the WeatherSnoop 3 User Guide from the User Guide icon.

Alternatively, you can purchase WeatherSnoop 3 from the Mac App Store. Please be aware that if choose this avenue to purchase WeatherSnoop 3, you will not be able to participate in the WeatherSnoop 3 Pre-Flight Program which provides access to test versions of the software.

Next Steps

With WeatherSnoop downloaded onto your Mac, it's time to look at the process of choosing a weather station. However if you're coming from WeatherSnoop 2, we suggest you read this first.

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