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Viewing Data With Instruments

In the previous section, we learned about weather properties and you can view information about each one in the Properties window. The Instruments Window adds a new dimension to your weather source's properties. It is specific to your weather source and shows data in real-to-life gauges that mimic typical analog instruments used to capture the data. This means that temperatures affect mercury on thermometers, rainfall appears in rain gauges, needles move on gauges, and so on.

To view this window, select the View > Instruments menu item. A window will appear that will show the weather data specific to your weather source.

Here is an example Instruments window for the Davis Family of weather stations (your Instruments Window will vary in look depending upon your agent):

The Instruments Window gives you an easy way to look at specific weather properties. Right clicking on any gauge or property text field will cause a context-sensitive menu to appear, where you can select viewing that property in a graph window or in the Custodian window. You can also reset the minimum and maximum values for the property.

Customizing the Instruments Window

The Instruments Window can be customized to show a background image of your liking. Simply right-click around the station name/location area towards the top of the window. Doing so will cause a context-sensitive menu to appear where you can select from a number of background images. You can even select from Apple-provided images, or your own photos.

Next Steps

Your weather data looks great; now let's segue into another useful way to look at your data: Using Graphs.

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