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Glossary of Terms

Here is a list of definitions for WeatherSnoop related terms.

Term Definition
Agent The software entity in WeatherSnoop that is responsible for interfacing to a specific weather source.
Property A measurable item (e.g. temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, etc) that is tied to a specific weather source. Properties carry information such as unit, graph color and calibration offset.
Site The physical location where the weather source is located.
Site Document A bundle of information representing a particular site and weather source. A Site Document is stored as a file on your Mac.
Weather Source A personal weather station or an Internet-based source that WeatherSnoop can connect with to obtain data.

There tends to be a lot of weather specific jargon used in documents, wiki articles, and in the support forums. This is where we'll capture those so it's easy to find the definition you need.

Term Definition
Anemometer An instrument used to measure wind speed.
Atmospheric Pressure The pressure exerted by the atmosphere at a given point, usually measured in inches of mercury or millibars.
Barometer An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.
Barometric Pressure See Atmospheric Pressure.
Hygrometer An instrument used for measuring the moisture content in the environment.
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