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Dissecting the Site Document

The Site Document encapsulates all information about a weather source, including its site location, agent, state of its weather properties, open windows, and more.

When looking at the Site Document in the Finder, it appears as a file, but what may not be obvious is that the Site Document is actually a file package.

File packages can be examined from the Finder by right-clicking on the document's icon and selecting Show Package Contents from the context menu.

Document Contents

There are a number of files that are located within the Site Document file package:

  1. VersionInfo - contains a dictionary with the version of WeatherSnoop and Mac OS X that created the Site Document.
  2. weather.db - an SQLite database file that contains archived data.
  3. WindowFrames - contains the archived representation of positions and sizes of all open windows.
  4. Windows - contains the archived representation of all open windows.

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