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The Custodian

WeatherSnoopʼs Custodian lets you view and modify the contents of your weather database. You can specify a date range and the values that you are interested in viewing, then export that data into a comma-separated value (CSV) file that is easily read by spreadsheet applications like Numbers or Excel.

Hereʼ’s how to configure the Custodian:

  1. Select the View > Properties menu item to view the Properties window.
  2. Click on the desired property in the Properties window and drag and drop it onto the Custodian window (you can select more than one property by holding the Command key and clicking additional rows).
  3. Select the desired date range, or use the Quick Dates button, then click the Refresh button. The Custodian will fetch the data and display it in the table. The Refresh button becomes the Cancel button while the fetch is occurring, allowing you to abort the procedure.

Depending upon the date range and amount of data in the database, it may take several seconds to retrieve the data. When all of the data has been fetched, it will appear in tabular format, along with summary information in the bottom table.

Editing Values

Using the editor in the Custodian, you can double-click on a cell and type in a new value. The database will be updated with the new value. Note that you cannot delete or add values, only edit existing ones.


You can export the data from the Custodian to a comma-separated value (CSV) file by clicking on the Export… button. A sheet drops down with a default name and location to save the file. You can also elect to have the header row exported, as well as having the file opened automatically when the export is finished.

Next Steps

Let's take a look at reporting in WeatherSnoop.

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