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Coming from WeatherSnoop 2

If you are an existing WeatherSnoop 2 user, you will find WeatherSnoop 3 a little different. Here's the information you need in order to understand how things mesh.

What's New in WeatherSnoop 3

WeatherSnoop 3 is different from WeatherSnoop 2 in a number of areas:

  • WeatherSnoop 3 utilizes a document model, so you can have more than one station connected at a time. WeatherSnoop 2 only allowed you to manage one station at a time.
  • In WeatherSnoop 3, there is tighter integration with stations, as weather properties reflect the true capabilities of a weather source. Under WeatherSnoop 2, every station had to adapt to a subset of a global set of weather properties.

You can learn more about WeatherSnoop 3 by reading the FAQ on our forums.

Running WeatherSnoop 2 and 3 Together

WeatherSnoop 2 will run at the same time as WeatherSnoop 3 on the same computer. However there are some things to be aware of:

  • They cannot communicate to the same weather station at the same time.
  • Archived data in WeatherSnoop 2 is stored in a single location: either the ~/Library/Containers/com.tee-boy.weathersnoop/Data/Databases folder or the the ~/Library/Application Support/com.tee-boy.weathersnoop/Data/Databases folder.
  • Archived data in WeatherSnoop 3 is stored inside of the Site Document itself.
  • The database schema between WeatherSnoop 2 and 3 is different and therefore not compatible.

Next Steps

Let's take look at the process of choosing a weather station.

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